Tom Stewart <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

"Gentle people:

     Why can't we learn to cut the original message to only a few sentences
when replying to mail from this listserv. ... "

When replying to messages posted on a list, re-transmit only enough to
provide context, and give credit to the contributor(s). Remember that if
you are looking at the message, then all other 1000+ subscribers are also
looking at it, so repetition is not necessary.

This exercise is harder for those who receive the postings in DIGESTed
form.  They will have to extract the relevant portion from the right
message and insert it in the body of their reply.

However, as Tom and others have pointed out, when you have a list that
posts as intensely as LRNASST, managing incoming messages that are 75% or
more repetitious, becomes a burden.

Let's help each other by using quotation judiciously.

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