I am posting this to the community hoping for some answers we might
consider in addressing an issue on campus that has become quite a challenge

At the present time we have eight 50 minute period per day beginning at
8:30 am (8th period, therefore, is 3:30 to 4:20).  Problems arise (for
example, a science major in a lab course is in lab for a three block period
of time one morning or one afternoon - - this makes scheduling difficult
OR when we rely on adjunct faculty they prefer morning times due to other
commitments, thus mornings are heavier and afternoons lighter but students
can't take 2 9:30 classes att he same time)

I am asking what types of daily/weekly schedules other schools have

One final point, we do not have a MWF/T TH schedule; classes can be
scheduled any combination of days.   For those with MWF/ T TH, is this a

Please reply privately unless we hear others are interested in this issue

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