Robin and Lrnasstrs, Hunter Boylan and others will be making a presentation
at CRLA on Thursday, from 1:30-2:30, during the first concurrent session.
He and co-presenters will be talking about research.  That might be a great
place to make contact.

Kellogg Corners will be an informal gathering of folks who have been to or
hope to attend the Kellogg Institute.  This gathering takes place on Friday,
from 5:30-6:30, immediately prior to the Crescent City Syncopation, which is
the banquet. (Susan Halter and Patrice Haydel from Delgado Community College
have lined up the James River Movement, an internationally known band for
entertainment that night!)

Look forward to seeing you there,

Pat Jonason, 1999 CRLA Program Chair

> ----------
> Friends,
> Will any of you from Appalacian ST. be in New Orleans at CRLA?
> My husband and I are both interested in all the research you do
> there into developemental, tutoring, faculty assist., etc.  We would
> love to have the chance to talk about some of that research.