Like teachers, SI leaders need to value altruism. Thus, the satisfaction
derived from helping someone learn and achieve a better grade is a
motivator. Without altruism, money talks.


Rosemarie Woodruff
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University of Hawaii-Manoa
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                The world is full of obstacle illusions.
                                                         Grant Frasier

On Wed, 6 Oct 1999, Clinton, Linnae wrote:

> I have to try and recruit an SI leader tomorrow for one of our spring
> nursing courses.  The problem is that nursing students are really busy and
> can usually make a lot more money in part time positions than I can pay them
> to be an SI leader.  So how do I entice them to work for me?  Any thoughts
> on the non-monetary benefits of working as an SI leader would be
> appreciated.  Thanks
> Linnae Clinton
> Edison Community College