These are all good questions. We have a walk-in tutoring skills lab for
reading/writing and math. These do not require any appointments. However,
we do have referral forms that we use. When the teacher has sent a student
over with the referral form, the student has signed off on having
information fed back to the teacher. Usually, the student is eager to know
that the teacher is aware that he/she has followed through on the referral.
However, we maintain anonymity with all our other students.

I suppose you could offer the student the choice of sending the referral
form back or not. I think providing a check box on the form will give you
the coverage you might want. That way if the teacher requests a copy of the
form, you can inform the teacher that the student preferred not to.

Sandie Miller,
Director, Academic Support Services, ACEC

At 09:30 AM 10/06/1999 -0500, Bruce Myers wrote:
>Hello Everyone..
>I hope that all is well.  I would love to hear your thoughts and
>suggestions concerning the following questions.
>We currently operate a walk-in tutoring program, and I have always been
>firm in my belief that the walk-in approach is the optimal approach.  I am
>now beginning to question that stance with respect to tutoring in the area
>of writing.  I am giving some thought to the creation of a separate
>"writing lab" through which students would schedule appointments with a
>writing tutor.  I would maintain the walk-in service for that subject, but
>on a diminished scale.
>I would like to hear your thoughts concerning walk-in versus appointment
>type of tutoring (which must, like it or not, consider the non-academic
>issues involved).  What is the most appropriate and productive length of a
>tutoring appointment?  Do you have any suggestions concerning the
>transition I plan on making?
>In addition, I am occasionally confronted by the instructor that would like
>a report sent back to him or her detailing the tutoring sessions involving
>his or her students.  I have a particular instructor that would like to
>develop a referral form by which he can refer students to the tutors with
>specific instructions, and the tutor would then return a carbon copy
>stating what was accomplished, along with the tutors assessment of the
>students performance.  I fully support instructors referring students to
>the tutors, but I am absolutely opposed to ANY information being reported
>back to the instructors!  Please comment on the anonymity issue.
>I realize that these issues are not original, but are reoccurring.  Thank
>you for providing me with the benefit of your experience.
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