Bruce--I have offered both forms and have come to the conclusion that both
ways are beneficial--and that neither alone can meet all needs.  Currently
I am offering tutoring by appointment only, but will soon be adding drop-in
tutoring, again, in addition to keeping the appointment-based tutoring. The
drop-in is great for relatively small questions and students like the
freedom of not having to make an appointment, but then, some students
prefer to have the appointment and have a tutor devoted to them for a
period of time.  Also, I have found that some students feel that the
appointment-based tutoring is less threatening, in that they have a bit
more anonymity, and others aren't there watching them, so to speak.

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Subject: Walk-in Versus Appointment Tutoring
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Hello Everyone..

I hope that all is well.  I would love to hear your thoughts and
suggestions concerning the following questions.

We currently operate a walk-in tutoring program, and I have always been
firm in my belief that the walk-in approach is the optimal approach.  I am
now beginning to question that stance with respect to tutoring in the area
of writing.  I am giving some thought to the creation of a separate
"writing lab" through which students would schedule appointments with a

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