Sorry for the cross-posting.  Please respond privately.

We are looking at the idea of arranging for a 2 night a week drop-in
tutoring/study hall program here the United States Military Academy, West
Point.  We have found that cadets (particularly the Plebe/freshmen) are
finding it difficult to study in their rooms and the library is not
convenient because of limited hours, renovations, and uniform requirements
-- get the picture?). We want to focus on at-risk cadets and core squad
athletes but also want to open it up to the entire 1st year class. There is
a large drafting room with small classrooms that we might be able to utilize
for small group and individualized study. Chemistry and Mathematics are our
major concerns at this point.

We have some limitations on what we can do, so we thought we'd pose our
problem to the listserv and see what all of you wonderful people can come up

Our limits include:
- We cannot hire outside tutors.

- Faculty might not be allowed to support evening study period sessions
because of regulations regarding additional instruction at the Academy.

- Cadets' discretionary study time is limited to 7:30-11:30pm.

- We have a tutor program that is designed to happen within companies
(picture limited to several floors of a residence hall) and the tutors' time
for this program is completely voluntary and convenient because they can
tutor in their room or in the company study room.

- Our staff cannot adjust schedules to be here in the evening.

Any suggestions and/or research on the effectiveness of study halls at your
schools?  We are also thinking about using peer leaders from the freshman
class to help facilitate content tutoring but want some support from either
the literature or your experience on the benefits of having tutors for the
course/subjects they are concurrently enrolled in.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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