On Wed, 13 Oct 1999, Betty Dybvig wrote:

> > Does anybody know the web address for the National Tutoring Association?
> > Is there one?
> > Does it have a publication, magazine or paper?

        The url for the National Tutoring Association is  Right
now there are links to the President and Vice-President and the membership
committee chair.  The new site is currently being developed and will be
available soon.  There will be information concerning the upcoming
conference in San Antonio, the elections, and the efforts the executive
board have made to ensure that the organization will meet the needs and
expectations of its members.

        There will also be another listserv for NTA members to join.  I am
currently working on getting the server up and ready for members to sign
on.  We hope to use the listserv as a forum for organizational issues as
well as tutorial issues.  We want to ensure our members that every effort
is beig made to be forthcoming about all of the issues of the NTA.

        When I get more information, I will drop another e-line.


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