The Hyatt has been most helpful in allocating extra rooms for us, but as
we get closer to the conference, resources dwindle. If you need help
finding a room, a company called DMI has offered their services. They are
going to try to find one hotel to accomodate all guests who can't get a
room in a Hyatt, but they can also help find rooms that meet individual

Their number is 1-800-366-8882.

The roommate bulletin board is operating at Click on
"Contents" to read what's already been posted.

What to pack: Bad news--I haven't a clue, yet! Http://
has a link to a year-round weather chart that says that the average
temperature is 61 degrees, and there is a 62% chance of sunshine. As a
lifelong resident of New Orleans, I remember November days that have
almost every kind of weather _but_ average. I'd expect highs in the 60's
or 70's--although 80's are not unlikely. Lows should be no lower than high
40's--I can't remember wearing what I call a winter coat in early
November, ever, for what that's worth. I do remember long, gray, dismal
Novembers, but of late, more unseasonably warm (high 70's to 80's), sunny,
muggy days in the early part of the month. This year our fall months have
been cooler than we've had for several years, and if the pattern
continues, we should have glorious weather--shirt sleeves in the daytime,
light sweater of jacket at night.

Bottom line is that I'll figure out what to pack the day before I check in
to the hotel. I hope to have a more professional assessment for you in the
next few days, though.

We're looking forward to a great conference!

 Susan Halter                              Professor of English
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