Hello Everyone,
Sorry that this message is a little after the fact but...

For what it is worth.  We have a Learning Center on the Second floor of our
Library Building.  Our center houses the Disabled Student Services,
Assessment/Makeup Testing Center, Math Center, Writing Center, Peer
Tutoring, and VA representative.

Our Math Center is strictly a drop-in style service.  They are open 9:00 -
6:00 Monday through Thursday and 9:00 - 1:00 on Friday.  They have no time
limit on the amount of time they can spend with one student, although they
may help a student get started and then step away for a few moments to help
another student.  It is staffed by two paraprofessionals and faculty members
who need to fill out their credit hour load each semester.

Our Writing Center is a combination of a drop-in and an appointment system.
It is open Monday and Thursday 9:00-6:00, Tuesday and Wednesday 9:00-4:00,
and Friday 9:00-1:00.  Most of the tutoring is done on a drop-in basis
because from its inception that is how the center was operated.  The
appointments are for 25 minutes segments, and the student is able to sign up
for a tutor of his/her choice.  This center is staffed by two
paraprofessionals who are also part-time English instructors.  In the past
with varying success, we have had instructors of many different disciplines
put in time in the Writing Center to fill out their credit hour load.  Peer
Tutors are also assigned to the Writing Center to help fill out the hours of

Through the Peer Tutoring Office tutors are assigned to students for
specific hours, usually one hour
(actually 50 minutes) twice a week.  We are not allowed to offer a drop-in
service because of the payment issue.  Our director of the Learning Center
does not feel that a tutor should be paid for an hour if he/she sits and
does homework because no students came in for help.  However, no-shows on
the part of the students are frequent, so we do pay the tutor a half hour
for just showing up even if the student is a no-show.  If a student is a
no-show twice within a semester, he/she is dropped from the program until
the next semester.

For the first time we did offer a Peer Tutoring program during the summer of
1999 on a drop-in basis.  We only had three tutors, each available for 15
hours per week.  We chose tutors who had been attending the college for a
few years and were able to tutor a variety of classes.  Then we advertised
which tutors were available which hours.  It was basically successful, but
in the future, we need to market our program on a much wider basis.  The
students had a list of other projects to work on in the event no students
showed up during their assigned hours.

*My question is what do other schools do when students don't show up for
their tutoring appointments.  Are the tutors paid anyway?  I would like some
input also in this matter.  How are tutors paid who work at drop-in centers?
Are they paid for just sitting there or only for the time they spend helping

Thank you,

LouAnn Oppitz
Peer Tutor Coordinator
Inver Hills Community College
Inver Grove Heights MN