Your question is excellent and deserves replies.  A couple of years ago, I
tried to get the same kind of information through a survey of my SIG
members (I lead CRLA's Learning Assistance Center Management Special
Interest Group).  Very few people would talk about money, and I have yet
to understand this taboo.

First of all, salary information is usually available in public documents
because most of us are employed by a state or other government agency, so
there's no point in hiding it.  In fact, if we had the time to dig, we
could probably get this information on many of our colleagues.  How much
better (and easier) it would be if we would just come out and talk openly!

Having said that, I will try to start this ball rolling by stating that I
make almost $43,000 per year.

Now, here's the context that's needed to make sense of that figure.  I am
on a 12-month contract at a public four-year college in the midwest; I
have been working in this position for 15 years.  Our college student
headcount (not counting Continuing Education programs) is closing in on
5500.  I do a lot of research and participate in college-wide programs; I
run a multi-discipline center (math, writing, reading/ study skills, plus
course-specific tutoring programs including SI) with four other full-time
professional staff members (12-month, one for each area noted) and a
half-time secretary.  My staff members each earn $29000-33000 per year.
This semester it looks as if we'll provide 4500-5000 hours of tutoring


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