It is not quite so simple as putting together a list of job classifications
and salaries.

Think about when you sell your home or buy a house---the agent and the loan
officier will look at the comparables in the area.  Whenever an institution
of higher education does a salary -- equity adjustment, it is done based on
the comparables for that school (perhaps other land grant schools, perhaps
schools in the same football conference, etc.).  Such a procedure helps you
to know if you are underpaid compared to folks in like jobs (well-somewhat
akin) at like schools.

Of course--the more likely you are to be in a position that is student
oriented--the more likely your salary will be at the low end.

But then as Jerry "Moonbean" Brown said as the governor of California---we
don't do it for the money as we get all the psychic benefits.    So I want
all of you to go out tonight---order a great psychic meal with a fine
bottle of psychic wine and start the weekend off psychically correct.  And
since it is a psychic benefit there are no calories, no fat, and no
cholesterol.  And if you feel hungry --- it's the buzz. Wow---far
out---dude.  And to think that "Moonbean" is only the mayor of Oakland.

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