Our Academic Services Department includes a division that we call Academic
Advising and Career Planning.

We are interested in courses learning more about career exploration /
career planning type courses.  What we are looking at is not "job search" or
"job readiness" courses, but rather courses that would help students establish
a major field of study in their first year.

Do any of you folks offer such a course at your respective schools?  If
so, would you please take a moment to answer a couple of questions?  Your
responses will be greatly appreciated.

1.  What is the name and prefix of your course?  _________________________

2.  From which department/school does the credit emanate?  _______________


3.  Credit or non-credit?  _______________________________________________

    3a.  If credit, how many hours and what type?  _______________________

4.  Who teaches your course (i.e. career counselor, Business prof.)?


5.  If I don't divulge my salary to the Lrnasst listserv, can I stil ask
    these questions? (grin)

Thank you very much for your time and input!

Pat Schutz
Academic Services
Mesa State College