The National Tutoring Association is alive and well.  The new executive
board has worked hard to ensure that there will be active communication
and participation by all members in the coming years.

We are happy to announce that the upcoming Conference will be held in San
Antonio in April as planned, and that we will offer quality speakers and
special interest groups.  Contact Jim Valkenburg at
[log in to unmask] or Jennifer Hurd at for more

We have a number of ways to be contacted.  The NTA web site can be found
at WWW.NTATUTOR.ORG    Presently, the names and e-mail addresses of the
president and vice-president are listed as well as that of the Membership
Chair. Although the site is still under construction, when that site is
completed there will be a wide range of information as well as minutes
from all executive board meetings.  This will help ensure open communication
between the Executive Board and the members of the organization.

We also have an 800 number that can be dailed 24 hours per day.
That number is 1-800-201-0184.

Finally, there is a listserv (I know, not another!!) that will allow for the
open exchange of ideas, and easy access to information.  NTA members can
be added to the list be sending a subscription message to
[log in to unmask]   The message should read:
             SUBSCRIBE EXT-NTALIST-L <your name>
Make sure that you don't put anything in the subject line and that you
delete any signature lines you might have.  This is a moderated list that
is, for now, limited to NTA members.  Once the list has been established,
the members may decide to open the list to all.

If you have any questions or concerns about the NTA and what we are trying
to accomplish, please forward them to me at my personal e-mail address.


Jim Valkenburg    [log in to unmask]
Delta College
University Center, MI 48710-0002
(517) 686-9034  FAX (517) 686-8736