On Fri, 29 Oct 1999, Frank L Christ wrote:

> I hope that CRLA is providing the technological backup for its presenters in
> New Orleans. Computer presentations AKA PowerPoint are no longer a novelty
> for educators...

The issue of projectors forPowerPoint presentations came up at the NTA
conference discussions, as well.   Associations do not traditionally make
a lot of money; the NTA, for example, is essentially non-profit.  Rentals
on projectors run roughly $450 per day each.  If there are five concurrent
presentations, we're looking at $2250 per day for technology.  The cost of
good projectors (Toshiba, for example) is also prohibitive.  Like  the
difficulties we face as educators to ensure adequate technology for our
classrooms, technological support for conferences is very expensive

        If anyone has any suggestions about how we can get better tech for
presenters, please contact me as soon as possible -- either privately or
via the list.  I know commercial enterprise is frowned upon on a list such
as this, but a good corporate sponser would sound awfully good right about


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