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> 2.  Can anyone on the list offer suggestions for ways to deal with
> this technophobia?  When I try to teach them a computer package like
> Excel, there is even more resistance and I end up ragged and fatigued
> because so few students can learn it without my personally coming to
> their desk and showing them (despite simple written directions and
> classwide demonstration).  They are afraid to experiment.

Would it be possible to have students pair up?  Sometimes students will try
things together that they wouldn't do on their own.  (Other times they

One year I made a poster of the scientific calculator keyboard and used that to
point things out.  As Murphy's Law would have it, though, that calculator was
replaced by an advanced model the next semester and I never got around to
making a new poster.  Maybe you could photocopy or scan an actual calculator
and turn that into a transparency to show how to do the keystrokes.

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