As you may know the Division of Academic Assistance here at the
University of GA is going quite well.  One of the reasons is that they have
managed to create several ways to serve students who need assistance.

Our math unit, of which I am NEW member, has been given the task of coming
up with some new and different things to do.  We have a brainstorming
meeting late next week.

I was wondering if any of you math folks could give us some help.  We
already have the regular DS/LS classes and some new voluntary classes such
as Problem Solving and Prep for Pre Calculus as well as teaching some
classes on TV.  We know about paired classes which I think will be one of
our suggestions and of course classes on the Web but we are trying to think
Way outside the box.

Have you got any ideas?  We have been told to just come up with them and not
to think about $$, staffing, scheduling, or any other obstacles. Those
obstacles will come, I am sure, later.  We just want to identify student
needs and try to meet them.

I would appreciate your responses.
Cheryl Stratton, President NADE/GA