Try this website, Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy-- he regularly reviews films and tv for "bad science".
Star Wars is also full of "science."  There are books/articles about the physics of Star Trek etc.
"Mike Giazzoni [ x3885 ]" wrote:

> In order to develop a writing component for my "Introduction to the
> Natural Sciences" core class, I'm in the process of developing an
> assignment.  Thus far, the assignment  is an essay in which the
> student analyzes a film or play for three areas:  a brief plot summary, an
> an analysis of the medium's treatment/depiction of scientists, and an
> explanation of the natural science (real or fake) utilized in the story.
> I am looking for some suggestions (hint!), but here is a brief list of
> ideas thus far:
> Film:
> Anything by Michael Crichton (e.g. Jurassic Park)
> Star Trek
> Armageddon
> Plays:
> Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (Tom Stoppard)
> Galileo (Berthold Brecht)
> If you have any ideas, please respond off-list to my address:
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> If anyone requests it, I'll be happy to post a compiled list to the List.
> Thanks,
> Michael Giazzoni
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