We installed the new Weaver program just two weeks ago so we and our students are
just getting used to it.  So far, we are rather impressed.

The vocabulary exercises are great practice for our vocabulary-impoverished
students and the comprehension activities give them a good workout for the TASP
Test which is the standard in Texas.  So far, our complaints have been:

1) If a student has not done anything on the program, after the instructor
inquires about that particular student, the instructor is "booted" out of the
program. (It's inconvenient since the instructor has to log back on to check other
students' progress); and 2) for some reason, occasionally, the program will report
that a student spent 99 minutes on an activity when the student has actually spent
only 9 minutes -- in looking at a performance printout, it is easy to see when
this error occurs but we have not yet figured out exactly why it occurs.  We are
keeping a list of little bugs so we can contact the publisher after we've had more
time and experience with the program.

So far, we are rather impressed and our students seem to be benefitting from the


Bev Krieger wrote:

> On Mon, 18 Oct 1999, Dee Bost wrote:
> > Dear Listers:
> >         I need to hear from any of you who are using the Weaver
> > Instructional Systems' Secondary Reading Efficiency System computer software
> > from their new Milllenium series.
> >
> >         In what setting are you using it?
> >         Are you using the network version?
> >        Which network do you use;  Novel or Windows '95?
> >         Have you experienced any difficulties with the program?
> >         What is your overall impression of the program:
> >                 Installation
> >                 Accesibility by students
> >                 Monitoring student progress
> >                 Student gains in reading comprehension & vocabulary
> >
> >         Would you recommend the software?
> >
> > I would really appreciate any information you can give me.
> >
> >
> >
> >
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