1. Writing is already the poor cousin of English, which puts reading in the
shantytowns of academe.

2. The last time I was taught anything under the rubric of Reading was, I
think, in the 6th grade: Mrs. Rush, who was in the habit of saying, "That was
rude, crude, and unsophisticated," whenever someone stepped out of line. Mrs.
Rush, or one of her paradigm, probably sits barely below the threshhold of
consciousness of people who get in the way of Reading programs.

3.  Writing results in a product. Reading does not.

4. (You said, "Go crazy.") A secret program by a secret government
organization disguised as a major media network has insinuated its
anti-reading message into every home, via a device disguised as a television.

Steve Runge
St. Lawrence U.
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