We have nothing but problems with Weaver since we changed to the windows
version.  As soon as finances allow, we are ready to scrap it and get
something better.  The program is good when it works.  The students like
it, but are really frustrated because it keeps losing their scores.  They
will be able to do a few lessons, and then it will kick them out and not
record them.  The only way to fix it is to take the student clear out and
put them back under a lesson plan.  The Weaver people claim it would work
better with a dedicated server, but our computer services says that
wouldn't help.  We had the older version and used it with few problems.
 Anyone else having similar problems?  Weaver claims we are the only ones.

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We're using the Weaver Secondary Reading Efficiency System version 2.03
with a Novell NetWare 4.11 network and Windows 95 workstations.  (The
current version is 2.05; we just received that).  Reading classes come into
the computer lab to use it, and students in those classes also come in
individually to finish assignments.  We are using only the comprehension

The installation process is not difficult.  Most of the files are installed
on the network; the rest have to be installed on each workstation.  We have
had some problems with the program losing a student's place in the lesson
sequence and reports not showing an overall percentage score.  The newer
version is supposed to fix some problems; we'll find out next semester if
that's true. Students don't seem to have much trouble navigating the

The program literature claims you can transfer a student's records from one
class to another, but it turns out you are supposed to use Microsoft Access
97 to do that.  This function is not built into the program.

I supervise the computer lab, so I can only tell you about the technical
stuff, not the value of the content.  But we've been using different
versions of the Weaver system for years and haven't found anything better.

Carol Elmer
Learning Specialist
Longview Community College
Lee's Summit, MO
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