I like our design very much. It consists of a large l-shaped open area with
two large and two small work tables, plus a couch and easy chairs, and
bookcases overflowing with resources. There is one large room with table
and chairs (and VCR and monitor) for group projects or group tutoring.
There is a small testing room that also houses our ADA workstation. There
are three spaces for computers on 4.5' tables so there's lots of room for
students with their work spread out, working side-by-side or with a tutor:
one room with five computers, one with three computers (and other stuff)
and one open alcove with two stations and three study carrels. There is a
workspace area for networked laser printer, copier, supplies, phone, and
desk for workstudy. (Plus microwave, coffee-maker and fridge - we are very
food oriented!) And there are three offices shared by five faculty.  All
the doors in the LAC have windows in them.

We are located in the Campus Center which also houses the library with us
on the second floor. On the first floor are the bookstore, snack bar,
lounges, student services (Admissions, Registrar, Diversity Center, Student
Senate, etc.), three computer labs, the Math Dept and two classrooms.

The space was originally designed with glass walls for a more open feeling,
but it was too expensive, and the privacy is nice - less distracting
probably. Good luck on planning your new space!

Gail A. Rowe, Coordinator
Learning Assistance Programs
Southern Maine Technical College
2 Fort Road
So. Portland, ME 04106

Maria McKinney wrote:

>     -What do you like about your location?  What don't you like?
>     -What do you like about your facilities?  What don't you like?
>     -How would you change your location on campus?  your facilities?
>     -How would you change your space logistically?