Hi all,

I wanted to thank you for the "learning fair" idea that's been mentioned
several times on this list -- and to let you know that we hosted our very
own "LRC Fair" earlier this month, and it went very well.  Our principal
purpose was shameless self-promotion -- to attract some attention to the
Learning Resource Center so more students would know what we offer and most
of all that we're "helpful, friendly and free".  Here are some details of
what we did, in case anyone else wants to hold a similar event:

We held our fair for three hours, and had activities both inside and outside
our center.  Inside, we had:
> two quizzes with modest prizes awarded (an "LRC Quiz" that required
students to walk around and find out what was here and an "Encarta Scavenger
> a VCR set up running study skills tapes;
> a display/learning styles activity from our learning disabilities program;
>two tables that eventually moved outside -- a "Get Organized!" table with a
tutor giving time management advice and handouts, and a "Meet the Tutors"
table with a big jar labeled "help yourself to a great study tip from the
LRC tutors" (these were printed on bright paper so they looked attractive in
the jar -- they were contributed by tutors via our tutor e-mail list -- the
most contributions we've EVER had on it).  Having these tables outside
really worked better, as it attracted more attention and the very outgoing
tutors succeeded in luring students inside (we joked that one of our guys
would have made a great car salesman!).  Since food is ALWAYS a draw, we
also gave away a lot of snacks outside (tutors brought most of it, LRC
faculty supplied the rest).  And we invited other campus organizations like
Phi Theta Kappa (student honor society), student government, etc., to have
tables outside.

Publicity for the event included flyers and posters around campus, 1/2-sheet
flyers in all faculty mailboxes, notices in the faculty bulletin.....and a
trail of yellow helium balloons (yellow was our theme color) leading from
the central staircase to the LRC.  It really was worth the effort of
organizing it -- we felt satisfied enough to decide that this would be the
"first annual" LRC Fair!

So, thanks again to the list for giving me the idea.

Aloha, beth

Beth Kupper-Herr
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