What minimun wage anyway? I see signs out at gas stations advertising jobs for
6.50 or 7.00 an hour. I would think your college might be competing with off
campus jobs. Barb

"Becky E. Osborne" wrote:

> On our campus all student workers receive minimum wage.  This includes our
> peer tutors.  We are advocating with our Board of Trustees to be allowed to
> tie the CRLA certification levels to an increase in wages, but that has not
> yet been approved.    We've used the same argument--as an educational
> institution our policies should reflect the value that education pays off.
> However, some still drag their feet insisting that "student" workers should
> all be paid the same across campus, apparently whether they're unpacking
> boxes in Campus Services or tutoring calculus. Obviously, I disagree.
> As I said in an earlier post, our professional tutors are paid $9.45.  At
> present we only have those two levels.
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