As a side note to Helen's of the best books you could ever read is
Citizen Soldiers by Steven Ambrose. You will cry and laugh as you read what "real"
Americans did to help either in the war or at home during WWII. By "real" I mean
18, 19, and 20 year olds, drafted or volunteered, who committed heroic acts. When
you read this book you will look at the students in the chairs in front of you and
wonder why we, as a society, treat them like babies. Barb

"Helen M. Sabin" wrote:

> Politics aside, please do not blame the B-2 bomber for the lack of
> support for education.  Lacking books is not the B2 bomber's fault.  It
> is also more than  politicians cutting out a piece for themselves.  It
> is a societal issue-society in general has never had the support for

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