Maybe after you've received some feedback from the LRNASSTers, you'll share
with us what you've learned.   Many of us would appreciate it.

Mickey Hay

Jelaine McCamish wrote:

> Hi, all -
> I'm on a campus action team investigating all of the issues surrounding
> online courses.
> I have done a lot of research, but would like to hear comments from faculty
> already involved in the process.  If any of you have access to information
> regarding the following, please respond to me off-line:
> 1.  On-line registration:  what software is used? Does it work?
> 2.  Courses:  what software is used?  Is the same software mandatory
> for all campus online courses?
> 3.  Do faculty received training for (a) creating online courses;
> (b)legalities of online courses; (c) course integrity, etc.
> 4.  Do faculty create their own courses, or are they provided     assistance
> by a campus entity?  Is there a special technical     division?
> 5.  How do you handle placement testing for out-of-state students?
> 6.  Are out-of-state students still charge out-of-state tuition rates?
> 7.  How are tests handled?
> I'm sure there are many other issues.  We're trying to get some standards
> set for the college.  I would appreciate hearing about your experiences,
> good or bad.
> Thank you very much.
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