Patrick...I teach such a class that was a pilot course last spring and will be
offered again this spring as a regular CAS course. It is called Health Focus and
is specifically for CAS 2nd semester freshman who are interested in a career in
the medical profession.

Two sections were taught in the spring. I taught one; my background is science. I
was a medical technologist for 11 years.Now I'm in the LSC here at Pitt. The other
instructor was a Biology advisor with a PhD in Biology.

The course is 1 credit, pass/fail, and meets once a week for an hour. The 3 goals
of the course as I see them are study skills, self-exploration, and career

If you have any other questions you can email me off the list. Barb

Patrick Schutz wrote:

> Greetings!
> Our Academic Services Department includes a division that we call Academic
> Advising and Career Planning.
> We are interested in courses learning more about career exploration /
> career planning type courses.  What we are looking at is not "job search" or
> "job readiness" courses, but rather courses that would help students establish
> a major field of study in their first year.

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