I don't know a thing about graphing calculators, but here are a couple of
thoughts in response to Annette's comments (below):

1) High-tech solution: If you have a computer with projector and PowerPoint,
would a PowerPoint presentation help?  It can utilize animation etc. so
maybe students could see things moving on the screen -- might be useful.....

2) Low-tech solution:  Have a student tutor or two present in the class to
circulate and help students.  When we give computer workshops, we try to
have at least one back-up person, and it keeps you from running yourself
ragged trying (futilely) to get around to everybody.....

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>From: Annette Gourgey <[log in to unmask]>

>we got an overhead arrangement in our computer lab, which should help.
>Previously I had been sketching the spreadsheet screen on the black-
>board so they'd know what it would look like and providing a handout
>of what menu commands to click, step by step.

> All hands get raised at the same time
and they will not do anything until I come around and show them
personally.  In a class of 30 people this gets exhausting and there
is a bottleneck.