Gary Probst replied:

Recessed monitors make a great looking lab.   However, there are two
problem I see with recessed monitors.  The new software is being designed
for 17'' or 19'' monitors.   When you have recessed monitors, you probably
will have 15'' monitors.  It will be impossible or difficult to upgrade the
size of the monitor.   The new version of Netscape 4.7 is designed to be
used on a monitor larger than 15''.   I do not like it on my 15'' monitor.
It look great on others people's 17''  monitor..  The new CAI software is
going to be run on a browser.   Our new developmental math software
published by Addison Wesley to accompany their textbooks requires you to
install Netscape 4.5 or higher to run the software.   This software is best
viewed with a monitor larger than 15''.

Another problem is recessed monitors that I have seen required you to view
the monitor through a thick layer of glass.   This causes some distortion
to my weak eyes.

Today the 17'' monitor is standard.   Soon the standard monitor will be
21''.  I hope the size and weight can be reduced in the future 21''

For what it is worth, Sony's monitor is glare free.  This would make a big
difference in a lab.

charlotte short wrote:

> We are in the process of putting together a computer mediated classroom
> and are investigating tables which would accept recessed monitors.  Has
> anyone had experience with these?  Also, from what companies are they
> available?
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