We have:

"Appointment-Only Tutoring"
We have changed to this designation to get away from the expectation that all tutoring will be one on one.  In Appt.-Only Tutoring a student requests to be assigned a tutor for a particular course.  The student is then assigned the next available tutor.  The student and tutor then work out a mutually agreeable day and time to meet weekly.  The assignment runs for the quarter, but with delays at the start and imposed limitations at the end, most assignments don't run longer than 7 weeks.  And back to my initial point, most assignments in courses with a high demand for tutors are done in pairs.  That is, two students requesting a tutor for the same course, are assigned to a tutor together.

"Drop-In Tutoring"
This is where we have 1-3 tutors available at set days and times to provide drop-in help in math, writing, and, to some extent, chemistry and physics.  (So we have "Drop-In Math" which meets 7-9 PM Su-Th, "Drop-In Writing" which meets 4-6 PM, Su-Th, and a few other variations on the "Drop-In Tutoring" model.

"Study Group Tutoring"
A student works in (usually) close cooperation with a professor to facilitate a once or twice per week discussion group for a specific course.   These exist for several Chemistry and Biology courses.

As you probably can tell, our tutoring is logistically/administratively centralized and physically decentralized.  That is, we don't have a center that can house the work, so it happens in various locations across campus.

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