At this 2-year community college, we use calculators in all developmental math classes.
Students are required to purchase a scientific calculator or a graphing calculator (depending on their course assignment), and we have adopted texts that illustrate/integrate calculator usage into the text..  We use TI-86 overheads in the algebra classes for teaching keystrokes.  Because facility with calculators is essential to student success in the curriculum math courses,  our developmental courses must provide this technological knowledge to our students.  Students seem no more resistant to calculators than to doing word problems. However, from time to time we have some resistant instructors.

Susan Paterson
Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College
340  Victoria Road
Asheville, NC  28801
Phone  828-254-1921 (X314)

>>> Frederick Belton <[log in to unmask]> 10/26/99 12:33PM >>>
I am seeking comments from any of you who have experience with using
graphing calculators in developmental math classes. We are considering
implementing graphing calculators in developmental math at the University of
Memphis, and I am chairing a committee we formed to determine the extent to
which calculators should be incorporated into our algebra classes.  Any
comments to the following questions would be very welcome! Also, please
comment on ANY aspect of graphing calculators in developmental math. Thank

Frederick A. Belton
Transitional Academic Studies
University of Memphis

1. How much class time must be set aside to teach keystrokes?

2. Do you require that each student buy a calculator, or do you just use one
in class for demonstrations?

3. Has use of calculators increased pass rates, retention rates or anything
else?  Any negative effects?

4. What degree of interest have your students shown in graphing calculators?

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