if he is having pain there are some pain management plans for what we call
neuropathic pain...they don't help sensation return but can help with
pain...most oncologists have a fairly good understanding of pain
management..if they will take the time to listen..let me know if I can help,
I am an 18.5 year survivor and in my position as Oncology Nurse Clinician, I
am also the oncology pain management nurse...Nancy

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Subject: Neuropathy after chemo


I just returned from visiting my favorite cousin, who has recently had a
series of five Taxol + carboplatin infusions for lung cancer. He's got
severe peripheral neuropathy in his hands and feet, and hasn't gotten much
an indication from his oncologist (one of the paternalistic,
non-communicative ones, I'm afraid) re what to expect. Anyone have any
experiences to share about these drugs, and whether and when the sensation
returns to the extremities after being treated with them?

Thanks, as always. I'll be thinking of all of you this Thanksgiving.
-- Seattle Alice