I read the posts on "Student behavior in classes" with some trepidation.
This is a phenomenon that is of particular concern for me because for a
long time before I joined the academy, a large segment of my professional
life dealt with Americans and their reactions to many different
conflict-producing situations.

When I read the first two posts, it was apparent that I didn't want to
delete them immediately after reading, so I saved them to one of my files
-- the one entitled "Violence".

Although I thoroughly enjoyed Jason's well constructed and insightful
post, I regret that I do not have the time right now to respond with any
depth. I would however, with your indulgence, suggest that my unofficial
research indicates (validated by my personal experience with this subject)
that the next phase, or the next societal evolution of these behaviors will be
of a violent nature.  College and university students will most likely begin
replacing rude words and non-confrontational behaviors with violent actions
against each other, their professors, and the academy.

I would offer that if you are interested in this subject, Jason's
comments should be read carefully; it is my opinion that they are
prophetic. I believe that he has hit upon the major themes concerning this
subject.  Although I would welcome the opportunity to write more about
this topic with our fellow LRNASSTers, I just don't have the time right
now.  Anyway, thank you Daryl for bringing up the subject, and thanks to
Jason for creating a perspective for the discussion.

Pat Schutz