I just moved from Student Services and into Academic Affairs at the
begining of this quarter.  It is still a bit early for me to give final
judgement on the move, but there have been some benifits.  I report
directly to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, I am in the same building
with all of the Dean's of the different schools within the college and the
Vice President for Academic Affairs is in the office next to me.

The benifits that I hope will come to life are that they can see what I do,
so there for have better understanding of the services I offer, and that
will be passed on to the rest of the faculty.  They, TPTB, have been
dragging their feet about hiring a tutoring coordinator to work with me,
but after this quarter the Executive Vice President has said she would find
the money somewhere to pay for a tutoring coordinator!!!  yahooo!

The move from SA to AA made a lot of sense because of the restructuring
that took place within SA this year. My services just didn't fit there
anymore. The focus of my position is on supporting students academically.
The majority of what I do is provide Academic Counseling to at risk
students and coordinate the tutoring program.  I also use to have use of an
Administrative Assistant to help with the tutoring most of
what I did was the decision making and she did all the leg work.  We want
our tutoring program to expand and grow, but also want the academic
counseling services to expand and grow.  Needless to say, I can't do all of
it on my own.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we will be able to hire
a tutoring coordinator by next quarter, but I'm not holding my breath.

Hope this is of help.


>>We are in the process of evaluating our location within the college
>>organization, and I need the thoughts of all you experts. Please tell me
>>1) if your learning center is currently housed in the Academic or
>>Student Affairs division of your college, and 2) why you agree or
>>disagree with your organizational location. If you respond to me off
>>list, I will gladly summarize the responses and post them to the list on
>>or about 12/1. Thanks in advance!
>>Sue Franklin
>>Coordinator of College Skills
>>Avila College
>>Kansas City, MO
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