On Fri, 19 Nov 1999, S. Franklin wrote:

> Please tell me 1) if your learning center is currently housed in the
> Academic or Student Affairs division of your college, and 2) why you
> agree or disagree with your organizational location.

        We are housed with the Academic Affairs. I usually report to the
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, but have recently reported directly to
the Vice President while a search continues for a new Assoc Dean.  In each
of the three colleges where I have been employed, Academic Serices has
been my home.  I find it beneficial to me, the staff, and the students.
It allows more direct and meaningful contact with faculty and affords a
better collaborative atmosphere.

        I have a problem with the turf issue.  Since there is no collee
without students, they are, or should be, our primary concern.  All too
frequently that point is forgotten.


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