We've been using the Nelson Denny Form H as part of our matriculation testing at Saddleback College for the past five years.  We've done an "in house" validation study and have been informally tracking our students with their initial course placement.  We've had a high degree of placement success with the test along with the use of "multiple measures" as mandated by the state (California).  How can I help you?


At 09:07 AM 11/23/99 -0500, you wrote:
>    I would like to talk with anyone using the Nelson Denny Form H to
>assess newly matriculated college students and place them in courses.
>    Thank you -
>    Debbie Carley, Director
>    Learning and Career Center
>    NH Technical Institute
Cheryl Altman
Professor Reading/ESL
Liberal Arts Division, Saddleback College
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