I can tell you that whenever we review a transcript of a student who has
graduated without certification a red flag goes up that very minute.  We
know that there is a problem and generally think of the clinical experience
component as having been at the heart of the issue.

Whenever we allow a student graduate with the education degree without
certification, we make sure that the person knows that finding a job in a
school will not be easy and getting back into a program to get the final
coursework under the belt for certification will be difficult (although it
can be done.).  Generally such an arrangement is made when a student is so
close to graduating that moving to another major would be crazy.  This does
not happen often, but there are times when a meltdown happens during
student teaching and the student teacher decides that teaching is not the
correct field of endeavor.  This is a sad case as it is important to make
sure that the early clinical experiences help students make such a

I'll forward your request for info to a listserv where folks are more
teacher education oriented.

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