Hi Everyone,

At Atlantic Cape Community College, we allow developmental students to take
only certain courses which are either developmental or which they are able
to handle such as art or phys ed classes. We needed to add extra classes
available so they could qualify for Financial Aid. How do your students
qualify for Financial Aid if they do not take a full course load?

Also, one more question, please. Have any of you ever discussed whether or
not you feel developmental students should be restricted from taking
on-line classes or telecourses? Obviously, some of these students probably
do not have strong motivation to stay the course, but, perhaps some do.
What about an on-line class in keyboarding which doesn't require much reading?

Just asking for feedback here...

Sandie Miller,
Director of Academic Support Services, ACEC

At 02:46 PM 11/01/1999 -0600, Elizabeth Lee wrote:
>The Baton Rouge Community College opened its door to students in August 1998.
>After only one full yearof operation, the academic chairs have requested that
>developmental students be allowed to take only developmental classes.
After some
>heated discussions, interested persons on both sides compromised by
>the restriction for only those students taking developmental reading and by
>requiring faculty approval for enrolling in college-level math and
>Several of us would really like to know what kind of course restrictions
are in
>place for your developmental students?
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