I grew up in a time when militarism was MUCH more in evidence (WWII,
Korea, where I served). Nevertheless, school, with _in loco parentis_
still in place, was a largely non-violent environment. I could preach that
the current situation is a result of the unfortunate (and unconscious)
coalition of moralists and drug profiteers that prevents the passage of
reasonable drug laws, or because courts have taken control of the
classroom out of the hands of the teachers, or because of the enormous
number of distractions afforded by our affluent society... In truth,
probably all of these things exacerbate the problem. Moralizing about war
mongering does nothing that I can perceive to point to a solution.

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On Wed, 3 Nov 1999, James Valkenburg wrote:

> Good morning all,
>         I've been mulling this string over for days now, as have many
> others.  One important note is that our children did not invent the games
> of violence being foisted upon them.  Neither did they invent the social
> atmosphere of fear and loathing that precipitates the rage and violence
> they evidence.  The blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the adults who
> extol the virtues of militarism but deny responsibility for the violence
> that engenders, of those who preach the value of patriotism at any cost
> but fail to recognize the turf of the gang as an extention of that idea,
> who have generated the most armed society ever found on the face of the
> planet and question how the children ever got their ideas about the useful
> of weapons to solve their problems.
> Jim
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