Hi Raymundo,

We use the LASSI in a pre and post test mode to measure any effect our
developmental course is having on student attitudes toward study skills.  It
has really been a helpful tool to use in conference with students after they
have been here a few weeks.

But my first reaction would not be to use it for admissions since it mainly
measures students attitudes toward their own performances in school related
activities (selecting main idea, motivation for college, test taking
strategies, anxiety about school etc.).  I am not sure those attitudes
should be held against a person trying to get into college.  Students have
all kinds of negative, or conversely overly positive, attitudes about
academic performance prior to coming to college.  Those attitudes can change
radically within the first six weeks of college.  LASSIE has been very good
for us diagnostically, but I would have a lot of reservations using it for


At 11:50 AM 11/8/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Does anyone out there use this learning skill inventory to make admission
>decisions on students who do not meet the "regular" admission standards? Is
>there a good reason for not using this inventory as an admission tool?
>Raymundo Rosales
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