We have a casual, 6 month position as a Math Specialist (SAO II) starting
January 3, 2000 at the Learning Center, University of California,
Riverside. Funding for the career position is assured, and the application
process for the that position, starting on July 1, 2000 will begin in May.

The job responsibilities include instruction of lecture sections of our
Basic Algebra class, coordinating the lab instruction of the same class,
teaching math study groups in calculus, and participating in our GRE prep

The minimum requirements are a Master's degree in mathematics and teaching
entry level university mathematics through calculus.

The salary begins at $2883 a month with benefits including health
insurance, vacation, and sick leave.

If you would like more information, please contact [log in to unmask],
[log in to unmask] or me, at [log in to unmask]

You may find out more information about our Learning Center if you check
out our web site.
Sarah Wall
Interim Director
Learning Center
University of California
Riverside, CA. 92521

Phone: (909)787-3721
FAX: (909)787-4543
Email: [log in to unmask]