We use a program called Ironclad to keep students from changing the
configuration files in our computer lab. Anything saved to the hard drive
is deleted when the computer is rebooted. While students might be able to
download a file, it would be deleted automatically when the computer is
shut down and rebooted. Our technicians seem to like the program.

Louise Wood
Tri-County Technical College
Pendleton, SC

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At 10:13 AM 11/09/1999 -0600, Julie Jensen wrote:
>I manage a computer lab as part of our Learning Assistance Center.  Students
>seem to be more persistent this year than in the past about downloading
>programs from the Internet.  When my staff delete the programs, students
>just download them again within a few days.
>Especially "irksome" is AOL and Yahoo Instant Messenger. These handy little
>programs allow one to work on a computer and be notified immediately if a
>"cyber friend" has logged on and is available for a conversation.  Our
>technicians tell us that having students download programs from the Internet
>can cause problems because they can change the standards of the setup on the
>Does anyone else have problems with students downloading "stuff" to lab
>PC's?  Has anyone successfully remedied this problem?  Thanks, in advance,
>for your help.
>Julie Jensen
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