First a question, beyond the impact requiring a scribe, is there an impact
of the disability on communications?  For example with the slurred speech
that can accompany Cerebral Palsey might need someone who has had time to
familiarize themselves with the student's speech.  Can the testing center
provide that?  Probably not initially.

But it might be reasonable to have a staff member sit in with the attendant
so they might acquire that familiarity and skill allowing you to do a
fuller job in the future and to address any security concerns.

If there are no apparant reasons for using the attendent instead of a staff
member it would be reasonable to ask why.  The answer would define how
reasonable and necessary it was to use the attendent.

At 11:13 AM 11/13/99 -0200, you wrote:
>When a student cannot write the required essay, do you allow the care giver
>to write the essay, or do you require college staff to act as scribe? In
>the past the testing center personnel have always acted as scribes.  Now,
>however, the ADA coordinator said that the personal caregiver can perform
>this function.
>I believe that the college staff should do it in order to maintain
>consistency of process (not to mention concern for the type and amount of
>coaching that could occur).
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