> yes another reason for immaturity is low academic standards in high schools
> and colleges and lack of discipline in high schools and lack of academic
> training. the more rigour we give students, the better they will behave as
> they will not have time for nonsense.

Perhaps, but let's not be too hard on the K-12 teachers.  They work under much
more difficult conditions than we do and have to deal with things that, by law,
we don't, such as angry or unconcerned parents.  At least most of our students
are at the college/university because they want to be.  I know some of the
seventh graders (especially the 15- and 16-year-olds) I taught were already
just marking time until they were old enough to drop out.

> ...In France students in the lycee (high school) know
> more than Americans in community colleges.

Granted.  At the risk of sounding liberal or elitist or whatever other negative
label one would like to use:  But is that like the German system in which
students are essentially tracked, and decisions about whether they are
college-bound and go to the Gymnasium (college prep public school, essentially)
or go to general or trade schools are made early and track jumping is difficult
or impossible?  I'm not sure that's quite the answer either.

Yikes!  I meant to go home an hour ago!
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