Thanks to all those people on the Listserv who continue to share
their expertise and opinions with all of us.  I have been
sandbagging quietly in the background for some time now, but I
still enjoy hearing what is happening around the country.

The subject of student behavior mentioned by Daryl Stephens has
been a topic of faculty lounge discussion many times this
semester.  However, several of the instructors here at Mineral Area
College have expresssed amazement at the postive behavior from
students this semester.

As a group, students this semester have demonstrated better
manners and a better work ethic than students from recent
semesters. They are more conscientious about completing
assignments and more responsive in class. One colleague
mentioned just today that "the level of sophistication is higher"  in
his public speaking classes this semester.  He also commented
that his "old German upbringing" caused him to fear talking about
his pleasure because talking about it might jinx the situation.

I can only hope this positive behavior is the trend for the remainder
of the school year and beyond.

Elvis Clark
Mineral Area College

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> Date:    Mon, 1 Nov 1999 13:41:57 -0500
> From:    Daryl Stephens <[log in to unmask]>
> Subject: Student behavior in classes
> Recently several of my colleagues and I had noticed that there
> seems to be
> a great deal more immature behavior than usual among our
> students this
> semester --mostly talking in class and coming in late or leaving
> early.
> At our state developmental conference last week, I talked to
> instructors
> from several points in the state, and they had noticed the same
> problems--actually having to ask students to be quiet or leave the
> room if
> they were going to have non-content-related conversations during
> class.
> Is this a problem nationwide this year?  (I think this year's college
> freshmen are the group that were in fourth grade the last year I taught
> fifth grade in another state, and I remember that bunch being less
> well-behaved than most groups.)
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