If you are preparing to leave for New Orleans tomorrow, I'd like to
invite you to participate in the featured institute:  #1:  Politics
isn't just for politicians! at 9:00 on Wednesday morning.

If you are

   * concerned about the future of developmental education;
   * concerned about college access;
   * concerned about academic integrity;
   * concerned about college standards;
   * concerned about the lack of information concerning developmental
     education available to the public;
   * concerned about the lack of knowledge about developmental education
     among legislators;
   * concerned about a national agenda that seems aimed at "keeping
     folks in their place,"

Then you should attend the institute to learn what you can do.  You
already make a difference in the lives of your students, and you can
also make a difference with your lawmakers!

Please consider this to be your special invitation!

Gail Platt, PAC CLRA