To those who attended our collaborative learning presentation @ CRLA:

I guess our Legos aren't so off-track!

Jeanne Higbee

P.S.  For everyone else: Pam Thomas & I use them in our critical thinking and
problem solving courses.

Gene Kerstiens wrote:

> "*  NINE COLLEGES have agreed to admit a total of 100 students
>    next year who score well on a new test that involves Lego
>    blocks and in-depth interviews. The experiment, financed by
>    the Mellon Foundation, is designed to help find an
>    alternative to affirmative action that will help colleges
>    admit diverse groups of students."
>    --> SEE
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> Face validity for such an assessment design might appear to
> be questionable if not facetious.  But given the stories I've
> heard about assessment procedures and practices in many
> institutions, it just might measure up well in comparison.
> Regards,
> Gene Kerstiens
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