One question I would ask is:  Are the credential of your staff who want to
teach equivalent to those of regular faculty members who already teach the
classes?  You did not address this.

Also, many colleges and universities are creating a position called Academic
Professional.  They perform some staff duties as well at teach classes.
They are not considered tenure track and for the most part are on one year
contracts and a lot of staff folks are.

Of course without a demand for teachers to teach class it seems to be a
loosing battle.  But when that status changes I would pursue it again.

Cheryl Stratton
President, NADE/GA
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Date: Tuesday, November 02, 1999 12:22 PM
Subject: proposal to add teaching to staff duties

>The math folks in our center feel adamant about adding teaching to their
>job description.  They would like to teach one math class per semester.  We
>are all staff.  I agree with their proposal and wanted to do the same
>myself, in my own area.  My proposal was turned down, as theirs was.  The
>reasons given were that 1) there was not a faculty shortage, and 2) there
>was no precedent and the staff/faculty status can't be mixed.  (The second
>reason was odd, since I myself have taught and one full-time faculty does
>work a few hours per week in the center--and loves it.)
>I believe that teaching and working at the math center is good for
>everyone.  When it has been done, the faculty member's students come in for
>help more than any other group of math students. Best of all, the math
>specialist feels enriched by the classroom teaching experience and gains
>insights into problems students are having.  I know that a lot of learning
>centers are staffed by faculty members and that others both teach and work
>at the center.  Does anyone have any ideas as to how to sell such a
>proposal and how you've done it yourself?