Our Writing Center is part of the Learning and Career Center.  It is staffed primarily by faculty, both full time and adjunct, and a few outstanding peer tutors.  Students make appointments in 1/2 hour increments to receive assistance in planning, revising and editing writing assignments for any subject, including lab reports, narratives, essays and research papers.  We subscribe to the Writing Lab Newsletter and have copies of the college literary digest, writing and documentation handbooks, and handouts on grammar and usage.  Tutors enter usage into a computerized spreadsheet that can be searched by student name, course number, and topic discussed as well as date and time.  To publicize the Writing Center, we visit every composition class early in the semester with a 20 minute presentation that highlights why and how to use the Writing Center and touches briefly on other Learning Center programs and services.
Debbie Carley, Director
Learning and Career Center
NH Technical Institute

Carol Schour wrote:

We are looking for descriptions of other Writing Centers, both peer tutor
and professional.  Could people e-mail direct to my address the descriptions
of your Writing Centers and their relationship to other tutorial support
services and your English departments.

Thanks in advance!

Carol Schour
Learning Center Director
The College of Saint Rose
432 Western Ave.
Albany, NY  12203
(phone) 518-458-5305
(fax)   518-458-5428
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