We happen to have on our campus up here an education professor who has had a lot
to do with the recent re-designs of the NY Regents exam. I forwarded your
question to him, and this is what he said:

James Shuman wrote:

> There's a HUGE amount of info about the Regents Exams.  There
> are several exams, one for each of the subject matter areas that usually
> make up the "liberal arts" aspect of the school curriculum -- English,
> Mathematics, Global History, US History, Foreign Language, Biology,
> Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science.  The exams are based on published
> standards for each of those curricula, and the standards can be found on the
> NYSED website (  Institutions of higher education could
> indeed use the regents exam score printed on a NY student's transcript to
> assure a level of proficiency.  But they would need to compare their own
> curricular standards against those published by NYSED to determine how to
> "place" a student in a particular sequence of college-level courses.  In
> general, the regents exams assess secondary-level learning, not college
> level learning.
> Hope this helps, Jim

--Steve Runge
St. Lawrence U.
Canton, NY 13617
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